Lose weight while still eating your favorite dishes with delicious and nutritional low carb recipes. Low carb diet food involves very low carbohydrates resulting in quick weight loss. Many People who are on a diet usually lookout for healthy low carb food that do not include rich carbohydrates.

Low carb cookbooks for healthy eating helps cutting carbohydrates from diets as well as include top tips for losing weight in a quick time and information about the nutrients in food, weight loss, diabetes. In order to lose away those extra pounds and to reduce the risk of life-threatening disease adopt low carb diet with 14 day meal plan. Quick and easy low carb recipes will make your diet a success.


Carbs& Cals book is a remarkable method for counting carbs, protein, fat, fiber and monitoring calories in your food and drinks than ever before. Carb & Cals book is packed with over 1000 photos of food and drink items, along with the nutritional information for healthy eating, weight loss, diabetes, and carbohydrate and calorie counting.

Understanding the calories in your food and drink is important way for weight loss and diabetes. Simply compare the food on your plate and the segments in the book to rapidly see the nutritional content of your meal. Carbs & Cals helps in educating people about carbohydrate and calorie counting and how to reduce fat intake by taking in smaller portion and reducing the food items that are high in calories

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