Mr Gum is the character who is a mean, grumpy old man with “two bloodshot eyes that stare out at you like an octopus”.  He hates Children, Animals, fun and corn on the cob. His favorite TV show is “Big of Stick” and “Leg Mash”, a program showing ways people have broken their lags. He and Billy William are very good friends.  Andy Stanton has written the story of Mr Gum. He writes many books on Mr Gum.

Mr Gum & The Goblins By Andy Stanton


Book Bundles offer 8 books collection of Mr Gum series by Andy Stanton. This series of books are very amazing and fun for kids. This collection of books includes:

  1. Mr Gum & The Goblins
  2. Mr Gum & The Dancing Bear
  3. Mr Gum and the Cherry Tree
  4. You’re A Bad Man Mr Gum
  5. Mr Gum & Biscuit Billionaire
  6. Mr Gum & The Power Crystals
  7. What’s for Dinner, Mr Gum?
  8. Mr Gum and the Secret Hideout

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